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Bach Flowers Course

This Course Will Enhance Your Love And Appreciation Of Nature, Of Natural Healing Powers, And Of Life Itself.
What You'll Learn

Day One

Julia derives enormous pleasure in teaching this in-depth course in which she introduces you to the 38 Flower Remedies which are the key to healing Spiritual, Chronic and Acute states of emotion.

  • On day one Julia introduces Dr. Bach, his life, philosophy and work.
  • The Twelve Healers – Type essences relating to a characteristic type of personality (you might even recognise yourself!)
  • How the gesture of the plant indicates the emotional state.  Julia collects twigs, branches, plants and leaves in order to illustrate by example.
  • Working with the first twelve remedies known as the Twelve Healers.  How were you as a child?  How did you feel, react, were you fearful, were you a pleaser, were you impatient, were you possessive and selfish.
  • Choosing your Soul Type Essence.

Day Two

The Alchemical experience “is about the relationships between the microcosm of the human soul and the macrocosm of nature and the cosmos”.

  • Overflow and review of Day One
  • How essences are prepared: Sun Method, Boiling Method, weather permitting you will make a remedy by the Sun Method and learn to interact with nature more closely.
  • The Seven Helpers – Dealing with the transient mood of the psyche.
  • Diagnosis of Application - The Class is interactive, and you will be sharing experiences and observations.
  • The Art of making and Essence.

Day Three

Everything becomes clear after the training days and your homework study in between, so now it is time to work with the 38 remedies.

  • Overview of Day Two
  • The second nineteen essences
  • Bach Flower Essences for Animals and Plants.
  • Combination Essences
  • Your personal blend.
What Does The Course Include?

The Course will give you a strong foundation for your ongoing development and growth. Learning to use and understand the 38 Flower Essences is a journey in itself. 

It involves personal development, self-awareness and the ability to observe others non judgmentally.


Includes 3 Full Days Training, Further Evening for Review of Case Studies and Certificate (if you are an existing qualified therapist you are eligible to add this to your insurance).


Illustrated Notes, Notepad, Folder, Pack of 38 Bach Flower Cards and Two Prescription Bottles.

Cost £325

Julia Massey Upminster Sanctuary Founder
About The Author: Your Tutor

Julia has studied Bach Flowers for over twenty years and teaches a three-day intensive course here at The Sanctuary. All our Bach Flower Remedies come from Healing Herbs and Julia has enjoyed many courses and meetings in Hereford with Julian Barnard and his team. Her love of natural, earth-based remedies underpins all her treatments and therapies, helping you to heal in harmony with nature, following a truly holistic pathway.

Julia Elizabeth Massey
Julia Elizabeth Massey
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