Amar Sanghera

Qualifications/ Memberships:

      • British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy MBACP
      • National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society MNCS Accredited
      • Verified by Psychology Today
      • Integrative Counselling
      • Psychotherapeutic Counselling
      • Relationship mediation
      • PCET Ed
      • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Practitioner
      • Certified Professional Life Coaching
      • Accredited Professional Life Coach
      • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
      • Master Practitioner (NLP)
      • Certificate in Mindfulness for teenagers and Schools
      • Meditation Practitioner
      • Diploma of professional study in Relationship Counselling
Amar Sanghera

Therapist ~ Psychotherapist, MBACP


Specialties and Expertise

    • Anxiety and depression
    • Bereavement
    • Relationship therapy for couples


    • Addiction
    • Anger Management
    • Antisocial Personality
    • Behavioural Issues
    • Divorce or separation
    • Family Conflict
    • Hoarding
    • Life Coaching
    • Life Transitions
    • Marital and Premarital
    • Self Esteem
    • Spirituality

Treatments For:

Learning to cope with Psychological Problems:

      • Stress Management
      • Managing Workplace Issues/Working from Home
      • Depression
      • Managing Risk Factors
      • Alcohol/Drug Abuse

Working with Anxiety Disorders:

      • Anxiety Attacks
      • Other Anxiety Disorders
      • Manage life with anxiety

Managing your relationships

      • Discovering ways to develop better communication for better responses
      • Therapy to rebuild your relationship based on respect and honesty

Mindfulness for Teenagers

      • Coping with stress/anxiety
      • Working with low self-esteem
      • Therapy for a confident future and self-belief

Anger Management using CBT/ Mindfulness CBT/ CBT in Practice

      • Therapy you to take control and become aware of yourself
      • Affirmations, self-healing techniques to keep you in control of emotions
      • Dealing with Negative and Distorted Thought Processes/ Behavioural Techniques



The power with you
This course is designed to support individuals to achieve the success they want.

Mindfulness and Meditation techniques for self-care
This course will enlighten you in a way where you will learn ways of changing your processes in life.


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  • I have been working with Amar for over a year now. The CBT based therapy has been an absolute 'tool' to help me breakdown the mechanisms of my thoughts and feelings. My outlook to life and more importantly my perception of myself has been a 'familiar and comforting' revelation. I now have an increased ability to analyse my thought processes and drill down what is and what is not of significance to me and my circumstances; and how it generates my feelings and what course of actions are required by me for better quality of life. This has been very helpful. I strongly recommend her to others who may require the facilitation to find answers within themselves. Amar has a strong passion to understand the workings of a person's 'reality'. She has a very caring and realistic approach to the mode of therapy she practices. The investment has been invaluable. Thank you.

    A. Rahman

  • I have been attending sessions with Amar at the Upminster Sanctuary for a number of months now and have found them to be hugely beneficial. Amar provides sessions in a beautiful, supportive, and safe environment. She has empowered me to make positive changes through therapy, meditation and other techniques. The sessions provide support, upliftment and have given me the opportunity for real and lasting progress. Participating in these sessions has made me more resilient and increased my confidence.

    Mel Summerson

About Amar

Hello and welcome! Offering support in your journey towards healing and growth.

If you are struggling with relationship difficulties, work-related stress, anger management, depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem.

As a qualified and accredited professional, I am here to help you explore these challenges further. Together, we can work towards finding the underlying causes of these issues and develop effective coping strategies to help you move forward.

I am accredited and a member of MBACP (Accred) Registered Accredited (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)

I offer a confidential, warm, and accepting environment where you can feel safe to share your thoughts and feelings. I believe in working collaboratively with my client. I offer couples coaching and a mediation service. My offer includes a wide range of modalities from life coaching, CBT and counselling psychotherapy.

Asking for help is the first sign of strength. Are you experiencing challenges and need some guidance with relationship difficulties, work issues, anger, depression, anxiety or low self-esteem? If you are ready to take the first step towards a happier, more fulfilling life, I encourage you to reach out.

About Us

Julia, an experienced Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Spiritual Healer and Teacher, created this self contained Therapy Centre in 1998 within gardens that have been cultivated and nurtured since the early 1970’s.

Julia has grown the stunning gardens herself, with total love and devotion. And It clearly shows.


Pea Lane, Upminster, Havering, Essex, RM14 2XH

Phone: +44(0)1708251124

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