About Priti

In life it is inevitable we will encounter many changes in our personal circumstances. There are the highs - love, holidays ,celebrations, purchasing our first homes, births .....Then there are the lows, illness, loss of loved ones , relationship breakdowns, financial woes....

When life is good we generally have clarity in our decision making for our future wellbeing. However when it’s not so good we can make decisions that have an impact on our future that may not be beneficial to us in the long term.

Divorce is sadly one of those situations where we often make rash decisions that if we had only taken a little more time to think about, had proper support and guidance or were more informed about the real choices there were we would have made better decisions and been happier in the long run for doing so.

When you find yourself in a position where your relationship has come to an end, the one that was meant to last forever, because your partner has become unreasonable, has cheated or even for no discernible reason it is not surprising that you will go through a range of emotions such as anger, sadness, pain and anxiety. Indeed we often have to go through these emotions to arrive at a place where we can make the right choices for our future.

With over thirty years experience as a lawyer and 25 years of that in family work I can support and guide you through the process and assist you in making choices based on facts and not emotion. I know that the best outcomes are when time has been taken to carefully consider what you really want and what you can really afford to accept or reject. I know also that your emotional and mental well being is just as important as your financial one.

I hope to travel the journey with you so that when you are ready to instruct a solicitor to deal with the divorce/finances you will be at the stage where you know exactly what you want because you have the knowledge and the strength to deal with it. Ultimately it will also help minimise your legal costs .

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