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Spencer West

Qualifications/ Memberships:

Spencer West

Therapist ~ Kinesiologist


Treatments in Specialist areas:

  • Qualified Kinesiologist
  • Specialising in IBS/ digestive health and stress management
  • Added benefit of structural alterations and physical alignments or corrections.

IBS – Irritable bowel syndrome - Symptoms related to IBS constipation, Coeliac disease, Crohns, yeast infections/ Candida, diarrhoea, swinging bowels, cramps, bloating, wind, digestive pain, lower back pain, inflammatory bowel disease, headaches and reflux.

I also work with people who have anxiety or stress related issues, symptoms include:

  • Continually waking up with a brain fog?
  • Fearful of many situations and outcomes?
  • Worrying excessively?
  • Regularly experiencing panic attacks?
  • Struggling with motivation?
  • Feeling depressed?
  • Feeling low and crying all the time?
  • I went to see Spencer West as I was intrigued by kinesiology and the prospect of finding out what vitamins and minerals by body was lacking in. I am a gym addict and always looking to find new ways of improving my performance and physique. Spencer found that I was seriously lacking in several vits and mins and he put me on a supplement stack designed to improve things. I can honestly say that this has worked a treat! One month after starting the supplement stack and not only has my gym performance massively improved, my physique Is looking better and I feel really healthy! I would recommend it to anyone.

    ~ Simon Hutson

  • Anyone thinking of Kinesiology should go and see Doctor Spencer! Licensed to Heal.

    ~ Zaki Masood

  • It was a very useful session to find out the nutrients that my body and baby needed during my pregnancy, and I would recommend it to any pregnant ladies. On my recent check up, I have been told my iron and calcium levels are good, thanks to the supplement that you advised me to take.

    ~ Lisa Chong

  • I had been having a stressful time at work. Seemed like the world was against me, my stomach was in knots on a daily basis. After a visit to Spencer and a little bit of work and the right supplements I felt ready to take on the world. Stress?? What stress?? I highly recommend Spencer and his treatments.

    ~ Gary Lucas

About Spencer

My name is Spencer West and I'm passionate about your health and wellbeing.

I offer a range of kinesiology based holistic treatments and look forward to helping you attain your ultimate health.

My journey to self healing

After a visit to Mexico in the early 2000’s my journey with IBS began. Soon after a meeting with a nutritionist led me to try various elimination diets with some limited success.

In 2011, I experienced life threatening physical symptoms alongside short term depression. This low point in my life severely debilitated me and Western medicine only hindered my recovery. I started to experiment with alternative therapies, nutrition and literally tried everything I had heard of or came into contact with and eventually found Kinesiology.

I started to see a kinesiologist every week for about 12 weeks and worked very hard on rebuilding my body from the inside out. Within 6 sessions my symptoms had practically gone. At this this key moment in my life I decided to figure out how this incredible science worked and within 18 months had qualified as a Kinesiologist. I started to treat clients straight away as I wanted to share incredible insights, accuracy and healing power of kinesiology.

What is Kinesiology?

Systematic Kinesiology is a methodical and practical combination of various methods and therapies. Kinesiology uses muscle testing to work out why certain muscles or areas of the body are weak or overly strong. This simple muscle test is then used to figure out why so and what the body needs in order to heal.

In more recent times we have forgotten that our body has a natural desire to heal itself and gravitates towards things that are healing and helpful. If you cut yourself your skin knows how to heal. Why is it any different with other parts of your body? We just need the right environment, both emotionally and physically then your body will naturally begin to heal.

My qualifications and experience mean I am well suited to nurture you through and give you the key insights to what healing environment would be best for you.

I am an active member of ASK (Association of Systematic Kinesiology – governing body) Qualified Kinesiologist of TASK (The Association of Systematic Kinesiology) and have an Anatomy and Physiology level 3 qualification.

I am a naturally curious person and love to seek out new ways of healing people and creative ways of helping others to rediscover and repair their own innate healing strength. Recently I took a Bach flower practitioner qualification and Reiki Level 1 which have given me a broader view of complementary therapies.

Appointments are available during the day, evenings and some weekends to work with and suit your busy and demanding schedule.

I also now run Bio resonance testing sessions using a Qest 4.

Qest 4 is an energetic testing device that provides a response to micro imbalances in your system. Our bio resonance machine brings to light signatures that may be required in order to kick start healing processes in your body and mind. Once you have been tested on the Qest 4 a set of energetic signatures will be identified and using the machine an imprint of the required signatures (remedy) can be produced for you to begin to take straight away. This is very similar to how homeopathy works and is recognised by many homeopaths as an excellent and efficient way to heal your body.

The machine can be used for many different issues and we can hone in on a specific part of your body or system from emotional upsets to digestive complaints.

If you’re curious about this machine or would like to talk to me more please get in touch via the Book Now button above.

Sessions are £150 for the first 90 minutes and £120 per hour afterwards.

Spencer at work
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