The Upminster Sanctuary for healing and teaching
Nikki Mumby


Nikki Mumby

Aromatherapy & Beauty therapist



In April 2019 I moved to the Essex county and looked for places that resonated with my passion for therapies and healing. The Sanctuary was the perfect choice and luckily enough call in fate, but the one friend I had made from Essex was a regular and knew Julia Massey. After a phone call I was invited to the idyllic Sanctuary where I met Julia and had an amazing treatment and felt I had found the haven I had searched for in my area. The rest is history, I am honoured to have been welcomed in to a beautiful space, with lovely people to do what I enjoy most where everyone can benefit.

Twenty five years ago I began my journey from being a hairdresser at a high-end, US-based company, into the beauty world where I found my passion and forte to heal and inspire.

After qualifying in all of the basics, I embraced the holistic and healing side of massage and complimentary therapy, after which every door seemed to open up to me.

I’m a big believer of giving back when you receive good things, and after setting up my business, I had the honour of spending some voluntary time at Queenscourt Hospice; adapting treatments to ease the pain of patients there.

That was just the beginning!

I have been lucky enough to work and train with top make-up artists from Yves Saint Laurent and went on to become a make-up artist for the Miss England heats and the MTV Awards held in Liverpool in 2008.

On the holistic side, I have had the benefit of being mentored by an excellent physiotherapist who took my massaging skills to a higher level.

I then went on to work with a GP who tutored me in back manipulation from a medical perspective.

As the business grew I began to specialise in skincare and came across one of the most prestigious sources of facial treatments in the world - Swissdermyl! After training with the company I am now one of their brand ambassadors.

With the will to inspire and educate I got my Cert Ed in Teaching and my Assessors qualification, along with my PTTLLS to degree equivalent which enabled me to teach in colleges and salons.

The tanning company Sudo asked me to become one of their trainers, as did Leighton Denny Expert Nails. This is such fun, as it involves teaching and doing beauty shows which are always fabulous.

Ayurvedic therapy grabbed my attention after seeing a client who had come back from a retreat. She looked and felt incredible. I had to know about this! Learning with the incredible Dr Deepa Apte I was invited to help set up and run her new Spa Ayurveda Pura in Greenwich London. This has been so successful it won spa of the year in the UK 2013!

I have worked in 5-star spa environments where training is to the best standard, and have had technique training from many amazing companies such as Carita, Bare Minerals, Aromatherapy Associates and Dr Barbor.

Some incredibly talented people have helped bring me to the level of expertise I have today in Reiki healing, herbal medicine and many other treatments.

I am now perfectly placed to inspire my own students whilst providing the very best salon and spa treatments. I am also educating students with my own accredited beauty and holistic courses, hand written and developed by myself. proving itself to be a great success.