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Ikila Poole

Qualifications/ Memberships:

    • BWRT Practitioner- Level one – General Psychopathology
    • BWRT Advanced Practitioner – Level Two - Advanced Psychopathology
    • BWRT Personal Transformational Coach
    • BWRT Deep Mind Practitioner.
    • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and Coach, Master Coach. Licensed Certified Trainer. 
    • Reiki Master
    • Life Alignment Practitioner
    • Transformational Breath Coach 
Ikila Poole

Therapist ~ BWRT Practicioner & Reiki Master



      • Reiki
      • BWRT
      • Transformational Breath Coaching
      • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) . 
      • Mindfulness Coaching Hypnotherapy
      • Psychological Personality Profiling
      • Cognitive Analytical Coaching (C.A.T) . 
      • Symbio-Dynamic Coaching
      • CTCB ( Changed thoughts, Change behaviour). 
      • Anger, Anxiety /Depression management -Certified, experienced Advanced Practitioner. 

Specialist Areas:

    • Change and Development


    • Transformational Breath workshop

About Ikila

Brief Synopsis
BWRT is a cutting-edge therapy for the twenty-first century.

‘BWRT’ stands for ‘Brain Working Recursive Technique . It’s a ‘content-free’ process that doesn’t rely on the client needing to disclose personal information. (If complex and compounded problem needs addressing then personal history is required as diagnostic part of sessions.)

In fact, all the Practitioner needs to know is what the client wants to be able to do, or to be able to stop doing or change their response to a problem be it: Personal problems, fears, anxieties, even severe difficulties that have lasted for years can be addressed with ease when working with a professionally registered BWRT Coach. This technique is based from an understanding that working with neurons in the brain creates new neurological pathways thus creating significant change.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is about learning, understanding, teaching and utilising tools and techniques of how the mind functions, it is like a manual for the mind.

How we think and communicate and interact within ourselves and with others makes a significant impact on our connection and communication.

Time Line Therapy Is like a “letting go” of negative emotions and addresses “Limited decisions” by working with the integration of our unconscious and cognitive mind in order to detox the mind and body of these emotions. It is based on the science of quantum physics where the mind is able to create new strategies, new learnings, let go of old belief patterns, create motivation, all aiming towards the desired state.
Mindfulness This is based on the cognitive mind, paying clear attention and awareness, of all and everything, moment by moment.

This alleviates stress and anxiety and creates better Head space. It focuses on breathing, current awareness, thus bringing the mind into the present reality of now. The mind is brought back into the present time as it can have patterns of focus on past or worrying future times.

C.A.T ( conscious analytic techniques) is focused on working with our cognitive function and creating change by using the analytical side of our mind to make sense or understand in order to progress.

WSN Therapy/ Coaching. Just like we have three main primary colours, we also have three main parts that make up our Psychological Personality profile. This therapy creates change as it allows you to understand yourself and others.

This is an excellent tool in Personal Development and progression in personal, weight change, business, career, relationship or family life.

WSN creates change on how we engage and interact with our interface with the outside/external world.

Symbio- Dynamic Coaching.

This is a psychological Personality Profile that focusses on working with the parts of our psyche that engage and run in our internal world. It creates clarity of understanding, personal development and creates change to rebalance our internal psychological self.

BB4B is working with our neurons and neurotransmitters that work like a signal from the mind to the body. Insomnia is a good example of this therapy. BB4B integrates the mind and body link.

Hypnotherapy. Is where the therapy works directly with the unconscious state in order to create change that the client desires . It is a form of deep relaxation where the client is in total control. Significant positive changes in emotions and behaviours can be installed if it is desired by the client.